Full-Scale Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Project Description:The goal of this research study is to evaluate the fracture behavior and full-scale field performance of fiber-reinforced HMA mixtures.
  • Funding Agency: DOD
  • Funding: $1,462,659
  • Abstract:  A secondary goal of this study is to further understand the impact of fiber type and oxidation on the performance of fiber-reinforced HMA.
    • Assess fracture properties of fiber-reinforced asphalt mixture using laboratory fracture (intermediate and low temperature) testing and Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
    • Conduct full-scale field testing on fiber-reinforced HMA mixtures using Rowan University Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility (RUAPTF)
    • Investigate the laboratory short- and long-term oxidation on intermediate and low temperature cracking performance of fiber-reinforced asphalt mixtures.
    • Conduct Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) of fiber-reinforced asphalt mixtures