The Center for Research and Education in Advanced Transportation Engineering Systems (CREATEs) offers the following tests and services. If you have any questions, please contact us.
TestCategoryAASHTO MethodASTM Method
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup)BinderT48D92
Rotational Viscosity (Brookfield)BinderT316D4402
Force DuctilityBinderT300
Elastic RecoveryBinderT301D6084
Dynamic Shear RheometerBinderT315
Rolling Thin Film OvenBinderT240D2872
Pressure Aging Vessel agingBinderR28D6521
Bending Beam RheometerBinderT313D6648
Performance Grading of Asphalt BinderBinderM320
Performance Grading Verification of Asphalt BinderBinderM320
Emulsified Asphalt (Tack) DistillationBinderD6997
Maximum Specific GravityHot Mix AsphaltT209D2041
Bulk Specific Gravity (Compacted Mix)Hot Mix AsphaltT166D2726
Quantitative Extraction (1500g)Hot Mix AsphaltT164D2172
Quantitative Extraction and Rotovapor RecoveryHot Mix AsphaltT164D2172/D5404
Rotovapor RecoveryHot Mix AsphaltD5404
Asphalt Content by Ignition MethodHot Mix AsphaltT308D6307
Mechanical Analysis of Extracted AggregateHot Mix AsphaltT30D5444
Gyratory Mixing and CompactionHot Mix AsphaltT312
Resistance of Compacted Bituminous Mixture to Moisture Induced DamageHot Mix AsphaltT283D4867
Performance Test Speciman Prep at Target Air Void ContentHot Mix Asphalt
Field cores or gyratory pucksHot Mix Asphalt
Plant mixHot Mix Asphalt
Aggregate and AsphaltHot Mix Asphalt
Dynamic ModulusHot Mix AsphaltT342
Indirect tensile CreepHot Mix AsphaltT322
IDT StrengthHot Mix AsphaltT322
Flow Time/Flow numberHot Mix AsphaltT342
Texas OverlayHot Mix AsphaltTex 284-F/NJDOT B10
APAHot Mix AsphaltT340
HamburgHot Mix AsphaltT324
Tack Bond Shear StrengthHot Mix AsphaltTP 114
Beam FatigueCement ConcreteASTM 7460
Beam Fatigue Sample Prep (mixing and compaction in vibratory compactor)Cement ConcreteASTM 7460
SlumpCement ConcreteC143
Unit WeightCement ConcreteC138
Air Content (Volume)Cement ConcreteC173
Air (Pressure)Cement ConcreteC231
TemperatureCement ConcreteC1064
DensityCement ConcreteC39
Compressive StrengthCement ConcreteC39