Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems Services

Traffic Operations and Evaluations

- Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)
- Turning Movements Counts
- Pedestrians and Multi-Modal Counts
- Radar or Automated Speed Studies
- Queue Counts and Weave Data
- Travel Time
- Roadway Signs
- Traffic Signals

Traffic Safety

- Crash/Conflict Analysis
- Road Safety Audit
- Speed Violation Analysis
- Road User Non-compliance Behavior
- Safety Countermeasures Selection/Evaluation
- Regional Crash Reporting Systems

Connected and Automated Vehicles

- V2I Technology Testing and Deployment
- V2P Technology Testing and Deployment
- V2V Technology Testing and Deployment

Public Outreach/Survey

- Transportation Campaign Evaluation
- Road Classification Survey
- Parking Survey
- Pedestrian Survey
- Public Transit Survey
- Origin And Destination Survey
- Agencies Interview Survey

Transportation Technologies

- Big Data Analytics
- Video-based Analytics System
- Lidar-based Analytics System
- Drone Observations
- Mobile Application (Related to Transportation)
- Adaptive Signal Control Technologies Testing and Deployment